Small Business Solutions Consulting

Small Business Solutions Consulting


@Small Business ROI Advocates

Increasing sales. Decreasing expenses. Minimizing Risks

Increasing sales. Decreasing expenses. Minimizing Risks

We are a small team of business professional advocates supporting the small to mid-sized business sector (smb).

Just like the old proverb states, "A small business without investment objectives is like a traveler without a destination."

We opened up this web site because we wanted to bring fresh and newer products and services solutions that work, plus bring ideas to the forefront of every small business or non-profit office or shop countertop or shelving. This means we provide proven, state-of-the-art tools to help you be more productive with less financial and time commitments. 

Our mission is to offer unique and useful products and services, along with sharing meaningful ideas and solutions to our target audience, which consists of consumers, small businesses, merchants and non-profits/charities.

Services We Work with:

@Digital Kiosks/Security Equipment Set Up

@Starter Web Site Design/Hosting

@E-Commerce Site Development/POS

@SEO/Analytics/Site Troubleshooting

@Marketing Affiliation Program Set Up

@Digital Ad Campaigns/Outdoor Billboards

@Business Lending & Cash Advance

@Cloud-based Payroll/HR Consulting

@Cloud-based/In-Store Merchant Payments

@Custom App Design & Development

@IT/IS High-Speed Internet Solutions

@Text Message Marketing Services

@Graphic Design/Logo Creation Services

@Video Production/Editing/Optimization

@SEO Article, Marketing Copy & Press Release Content Creation for Sites/Blogs

@Product Photography for e-Comm. Carts

So sit back, grab a favorite beverage and relax, while viewing our useful, unique and interactive web site.

Thank You!

David Keup "ScoopDave"

Owner/Solutions Consultant

Good-old fashion ingenuity for modern day times.

Good-old fashion ingenuity for modern day times.

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